Admissions Open for 2018-19

Life @ Capstone High School

Capstone High School

Capstone High is one of the fastest growing educational institutions, with a wealth of experience, that goes to great lengths to provide your child a solid head start.

The endeavor at Capstone High will be to enable comprehensive physical, mental, cognitive, social, emotional and sensorial development of the child leading to enhanced capabilities and self-confidence, which will form the bedrock for your child to become a global citizen.

Great opportunities for learning music and fine arts, and participating in sports and other activities are provided, while ensuring that the focus on academic excellence remains undiminished.

To parents who repose faith in the institution, Capstone High assures that it will do all that is necessary to fulfill the dreams that you have for your child. Your child is safe and secure with us and will be readied to become a confident, competent and compassionate individual.

Admissions Open for the Academic Year 2018-19