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The aim and philosophy of Capstone is that it sets itself apart from other schools. To be different does not mean different for the sake of being different but the idea is that the school strives towards making a difference in the life of the children, teachers, parents, community, city, nation and the world



This school is child centric rather than curriculum centric.Each child is unique and gets an individualized programme according to his/her uniqueness in aptitude, interests, intellectual abilities, talents, potential and emotional needs.





The school develops the child’s inner self, his/her critical and rational thinking skills and is able to kindle a desire in the child to learn. The teachers are facilitators and not just knowledge providers. The learning and environment is such that the child would want to return to school every day and evolves as a social human being who perceives life a joy ride, making each day enjoyable.


Capstone High consistently strives for an all-round holistic educational excellence in preparing students for life after graduation .



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Admissions Open

Capstone High School Admissions Open

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