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The well stocked library has an extensive range of books, materials and resources. The library features reading corners, study areas, spaces for groups of students and PC workstations which are readily available for children to access information on-line or from CDs and DVDs. Students are encouraged to make full use of the facilities in order to inculcate a love for books and a habit of reading from an early age.


Play area

The all weather astro turf pitch is used year round for training, Soccer and other fixtures.
A separate play area, equipped with a variety of age appropriate outdoor equipment is specially designed for use by the younger children.


Music Room

The  music room houses an impressive collection of instruments  including guitars, keyboards and a variety of others, providing students with opportunities to expand their understanding and appreciation of music as well as practice their performance skills.We love being Music Teachers at Capstone High and that we get to instil a love of music into every child that we meet here. Our well established music programme is diverse and exciting. The curriculum is wide and varied, teaching the children the key elements of music through performing, composing and listening activities and drawing on music from a range of different genres and cultures.

Art studio
_DSC2905 copy

The Art room is the centre of all creative enterprise in the school and it houses all the artefacts made by the students. The Art room is a large well equipped work area where students work with paints,colours, clay, thermo cole, and other material to create exquisite works of art.


_DSC1279The school has well-equipped Information and Communication Technology labs where students learn to use computers and become well versed in ICT. The laboratories are used to support the teaching of ICT as early as from Grade K2.

Literacy Café

The aim of the Literacy centre  is to enable students to become confident and independent language learners. Students are encouraged to develop their language skills through a leading Uk based phonic program with a variety of activities that involve listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each lesson is planned to allow students to feel valued and confident to participate in class activities, ensuring that the language learning process is fun, positive and enjoyable experience.

Math Activity centre

This is a unique hands on learning experience Math center where children can learn their school chapters in a fun filled manner. The experts will use masks, magnets and scribble cards and help the children clear the concepts of Maths through a unique program called Number Nagar. Number Nagar is a comprehensive solution that builds an appealing world full of colour, touch and exploration around the subject of Mathematics.


Sick Bay
We have a fully-equipped clinic, staffed by a full-time nurse.We strive to provide our students a safe and secure environment, free from any health hazards. In the case of accidents or emergencies, the medical centre is well equipped to provide sufficient first aid.
Children who are taken ill at school, are cared for by the nurse until they are well enough to return to class or their parents can be contacted and arrangements made for them to be collected and taken home. Please make sure you give all medication to the nurse and complete a Medical Consent form. These are available from the Sick Bay.
It is essential that the school has access to every child’s medical details in case they are taken ill or injured at school. Please keep the nurse informed about any illnesses or medical conditions your child has.

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