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best cbse schools near whitefield bangaloreThe curriculum is for students between the age group of 11-14 years:

The central aim of the middle school curriculum is towards inculcating creativity, critical and rational thinking skills amongst students. Students are made adept for handling complexities and taking responsibilities for their action. Students are provided opportunities to develop the attitude and skills necessary to become true global citizens who will bring about a positive change in the world they live in. Apart from this, students are given opportunities to engage in community service, to sensitize them about the needs of different members of the society and inculcate a habit of giving back to the society. Also, Students are made aware of complex global issues and the different cultures, traditions and societies at large. The curriculum is directed towards preparing students for further education and towards enabling them to lead a life of purpose and meaning.



best cbse schools near whitefield bangaloreThe curriculum is focused on ‘learning by doing’ to help the students relate their education to their environment and the outside world. The learning and understanding of the students is continuously and regularly assessed, through different forms of assessments including group tasks, problem solving activities, assignments etc. There are ample opportunities where students are given the chance to choose their course of action based on their knowledge, critical analysis, reflections and reasoning. This allows the free flow of ideas, opinions and helps broaden the mindset of the students. The above is a basic requisite to which each teacher will add every single day by maintaining a Journal of experience and learnings. The teacher’s notes would be exchanged in work meetings for sharing experiences and establishing good practices.  Also, Professional training is the key to achieve the above which is an integral and essential component of every teacher’s annual plan. The teachers are regularly exposed to career building opportunities by attending seminars, workshops and participation in conferences locally, nationally and globally.

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