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At Capstone High, we believe that every child is special.

We go to great lengths to provide a solid head start to enable each child to realise his / her potential and reach the pinnacle of achievement. Hence the name, ‘Capstone’.

Our logo is made of tangrams which represent timelessness, diversity, a strong foundation and innovativeness.

_DSC1378Timelessness: Tangrams are pieces of an ancient Chinese puzzle which represent ancient wisdom yet remain timeless in nature. The universal human values that we instill in your child at Capstone High are values that have stood the test of time and will serve as a guiding force for all time to come.



_DSC1144Diversity: The colors and shapes of the tangrams depicted in our logo are representative of the boundless potential of the cross section of children who come to Capstone High, whose destinies would be shaped at Capstone High. Children are taught to appreciate diversity and to respect differences, in order to become tolerant citizens.


_DSC0891Strong foundation: The seven basic pieces of a tangram represent the concept of strong fundamentals upon which one can build limitlessly. No challenge is too difficult, no obstacle too high for a person whose fundamentals are strong. Capstone High will provide a strong foundation of learning and values to enable children to explore, create and flourish.


_DSC1379Innovativeness: Tangrams can be arranged in infinite ways to create myriad shapes and designs. At Capstone High, great emphasis is laid on innovation. Children are encouraged and trained to think laterally and emerge winners in an increasingly demanding world with solutions that are novel as well as effective.

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Capstone High School Admissions Open

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