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The word ‘Capstone’ signifies ‘crowning achievement’.

Values & Convictions 1 – Timelessness

_DSC1383 The values / foundations that we build at Capstone High – the best cbse schools hoskote bangalore,  have stood the test of time. These are universal human values and beliefs that will guide your child in making some of life’s most challenging decisions.




Values & Convictions 2 – Harmony in Diversity

_DSC1294It is reflective of our society that has rich & poor; people of various religious, cultural, linguistic & ethnic backgrounds – each with their own strengths, weaknesses, fears and dreams who come together to create a world of unlimited possibilities. Capstone High celebrates this diversity and lays great emphasis on mutual respect.


Values & Convictions 3 – Strong Foundations

_DSC0843No challenge is too difficult, no obstacle too high for a person whose fundamentals are strong. Capstone Highwill ensure strong fundamentals among its learners so that they are confident to explore, create and flourish.



Values & Convictions 4 – Innovation

_DSC1383At Capstone High, we lay great emphasis on innovation as innovation is becoming a key differentiator / quality that is increasingly becoming relevant. Your child will be leading the nation’s charge towards innovation and success in an increasingly globalised world.



“Art at Capstone High is not merely an expression of life and the environment but is also a process of enquiring in to oneself and one’s relation to eternity”

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Admissions Open

Capstone High School Admissions Open

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