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Pre Primary Curriculum

The pre primary curriculum incorporates the best practices of the Playway and Montessori methods to equip the child with skills to communicate effectively, adapt socially, exercise physical control and possess the curiosity to explore and discover the world around.

The Play way Method:

A widely practiced method of kindergarten education. The emphasis here is not on teacher driven, book centric, or rote learning. Learning is through playful games, theme based activities, songs and so on, which make attending school an enjoyable experience. The idea is to erase apprehensions and fears associated with the old style of formal learning from the minds of children.

The Montessori Method:

Based on the principles envisioned by renowned Italian educationist Dr. Maria Montessori after many years of observing how young children learned and through research on brain development. She categorized learning experience in the pre-primary years and developed many ‘materials’ for children to work with and learn the underlying concepts.

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Admissions Open

Capstone High School Admissions Open

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