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Highly effective Teacher-Parent partnership are central to everything we do at Capstone High. We genuinely believe that keeping parents informed and engaged in their child’s overall education from a very early age will fully support and maximise academics and social development. A full programme of parental consultations, regular PTM’s , walkthroughs and various workshops will ensure that parental body is completely informed of all school developments and fully empowered to support their child throughout all stages of their education.

Central to this vision, is the drive and determination to ensure that everyone at Capstone High maximises their potential performances in all strand of school life!

Part of the Capstone experience is about building and protecting a sense of community. We believe that bringing together the separate domains of home and school will enrich this process. Building a partnership between students, teachers and parents is an essential ingredient for the success of our students.
Capstone High offers parents and care givers many opportunities to get involved in school life. Involvement is important to help people feel connected to the school, and it’s an excellent way to build a sense of community among parents, teachers and students.Different from involvement, however, and with more direct impact on student achievement is parent’s engagement in their son or daughter’s learning at home. International research shows that parents who are actively and consistently engaged in their children’s learning can add the equivalent of two to three years of formal education to that student over their school career. The children of engaged parents do better at school, have better social skills and behavior, and make better life choices.


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