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Faculty and Academic Leadership

Our strong faculty is our Mentor, guide and a friend to our students, who helps them identify their core strength and prepares them for a world of challenges, possibilities and opportunities.

At Capstone High, we believe learning is a lifelong journey and our teachers equip the students with the right attitude and skills, for the adventure ahead. Talented, dedicated and experienced faculty work tirelessly to inculcate a sustainable habit of self-learning, which

  • Nurtures critical and rational thinking
  • Builds strong foundation
  • Enables self-reliance
  • Enhances self-confidence

Our teachers also embrace the learning adventure. They are regularly trained to upgrade and enhance their knowledge and technical skills, communication skills, teaching methodology, and creative abilities. With this training, they work collaboratively to adopt the best practices, and effectively guide students through the emotional, mental, physical and intellectual growth in their formative years.

Academic Leadership

Nivedita Mukherjee
Nivedita Mukherjee

Honorary Member, School Advisory Board

Ms.Nivedita Mukerjee’s vision for education is one in which students are free of structured curriculum, allowing them to pursue their natural curiosity and develop independent thoughts. She is keen on understanding the educational needs of each student. She encourages holistic growth while simultaneously expanding the scope of their knowledge.

Her vast experience as an educator and a communicator has played a vital role in shaping and evolving her approach to education and learning. She now supports leadership teams of various educational institutions, in planning and implementing strategic initiatives to achieve excellence. You can connect with her at https://about.me/niveditamukerjee

Dr. Ratna Ghose
Dr. Ratna Ghose

Principal, Capstone High

Dr. Ratna Ghose believes that each student is unique and learns at his/her own pace and style. She is keen on supporting these 21st century learners with the motivation to approach learning and work independently, think critically and be future ready to face the challenges of life. With the support of the teachers and parents, she strives to guide each student to identify their own potential through the core values of school, review their progress through periodic assessments, and plan their Individual Educational Plan (IEP) to help them achieve their goals.

Her vast experience as an educator across International and National curriculum, enables her to effectively guide students through their formative years, encouraging them to be lifelong learners and sustainable leaders. She believes that continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking the potential of the students. You can connect with her at hos@capstonehigh.com.

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