Career Counselling

Today’s world has opportunities for varied career options. An early identification of interest and passion in academics and future career path offers a strong foundation to life ahead.

Capstone Career Connect helps High School students with :

  • Understanding how Capstone High can help identify student’s passion and realise their potential
  • Understanding the personality, interest, aptitude and intelligence
  • Scientifically mapping the career options
  • Finalising subject choices across streams
  • Building competency and skills for personal & academic excellence
  • Identifying undergrad courses suiting a student’s interest and aptitude
  • Short listing colleges across India/abroad
  • Identifying entrance exams to enable students follow their dreams
  • Tie up with Preparatory coaching classes for competitive exams
  • Guiding in college application
  • Preparing for college interviews
  • Experiential learning…..

Career choice depends on the individual
personality and aptitude

Choosing a career has multiple factors to be taken
into consideration