Online Learning

Keeping pace with the changing times, and the paradigm shift in the pedagogy, our teachers quickly adapted to the technology driven classes brought in by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The facilitators plan subject integration to consolidate the classroom learning experiences for developing strong skills and subject competencies.

Considering it as an opportunity for learning and keeping in mind our ongoing work on education innovation, our teachers moved to online teaching making use of various EdTech tools in our regular classes. Google Jamboard, Padlet, Google Docs and Slides were used not only to impart knowledge but these tools were also used as platforms for students to express themselves. Online sessions also helped us to adopt multiple strategies to make our students active listeners e.g. Podcast, YouTube videos, TEDTalks, CommonLit, to name a few.

Online Classes : 2020-21 (student testimonial)

“At Capstone our teachers have included many innovative activities during the online classes to keep us engaged and ensure a clear understanding of concepts taught. The activities we enjoyed most were Virtual Field Trips using Google Earth, Collaborative Jamboard activities, project-based assignments, and Virtual Events organized by the school. Project-Based Assignments, helped us to work collaboratively, think critically, develop a conceptual understanding of the topic and express our views, opinions, and perspectives.”

Niharika - Grade 8

“During virtual field trips using Google Earth, our teacher took us to different places to make alive a particular event or an incident in history or to show a new country or city which was the setting of a story being read in class. For example, we were taken on a virtual trip to the Palace of Versailles while we were learning about the French Revolution in our history class. We were taken to Niagara falls in Canada, and many other places during our geography lessons which the students found very interesting.”

Collaborative discussions using jamboard have emerged as the most preferred activity for many of our peers. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation and regular classes being virtual, it is hard for students to work on a collaborative level. But because of the jam board, it is easier for students to work together. It can be used for class discussion and revision. It is also a very effective way to check whether students have understood concepts and the teacher can immediately address any misconceptions that the students might have.