Special Educational Need (SEN) Support

All children have their own potential to learn. Our educators plan a modified programme for students which involves some unique tools, techniques and instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of students in a regular class. It assists the exceptional needs of individual students whether gifted or challenged.

Trained educators and Special Educational Needs (SEN) facilitators identify the learning needs of students and offer one on one support to build their self esteem, restoring their confidence, working on their strengths to help them overcome their challenges. An especially equipped room provides a comfortable environment for students who need such support. Differentiated worksheets and extended learning resources cater to the learning needs of these students. Sensitization activities for students and teachers are planned to enable the environment of acceptance and inclusion. Group activities and peer support is planned for enhancing collaborative practices and team work.

Regular meetings with parents are organised to share Individual Education Plan (IEP) and home-based plan to ensure progress of the student. Our post school remedial programme accommodates the learning needs of students and are provided with certain exemptions especially during examinations depending on the severity or difficulty of their challenges.