Holistic education at Capstone High is concerned with the development of every student's intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potential. Throughout the year Capstone High conducts multiple student-led events which reinforce their learning, achieve shared goals and build life skills. Our programme is curated to help students realise what best they can for self-actualization through experiential learning. It helps them develop self confidence and leadership skills which reflects on their learning journey.

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Cap Sci Fi

Capstone High School announces an annual event Cap Scifi where the students' can showcase their learning in science. This year all students followed the Design Thinking Process to identify a problem in their environment and came up with simple yet extremely creative solutions to those problems. They even went ahead to test whether prototypes were working effectively or not. This really helped the students to develop the 21st-century skills of Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking.

When I got the information about the Cap Scifi, I wanted to participate in the Competition. I discussed it with my parents and they allowed me to participate. I registered my name. Then thought about what is to be done, After brainstorming we came up with the idea of preparing a; Sensor Dustbin. It is basically a touch less dustbin that can minimize the possibility of transfer to germs. I felt that this will also help the spread of COVID 19 virus. I felt very happy and excited to go for the final round. I had to face the judges. My mom and teachers helped and encouraged me a lot. I had extra responsibility to make a mark because I had to represent my school in front of many people On the day of the presentation, I was the first person to present, so I was a bit Nervous. My family gave me strength and blessings. I know all the teachers also were with me. So I presented my model and I answered the judge's questions. It all went well. Even the judges were happy.

All of us were waiting for the results. When the results were being announced I was very nervous. When my name was called for the second prize, I jumped with joy. I thank all my teachers and my school for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent.

Glimpses from the event - Michele CapScifi Winner , 2021 ( Displaying her project with pride)

Glimpses from the event - Michele CapScifi Winner , 2021 ( Displaying her project with pride)

Tanushree Gowda - Grade 6A
Pandemic Pandora:

Pandemic Pandora was the first virtual Webinar conducted by the Middle School Students of Capstone. In this webinar the students presented their findings from primary research conducted amongst all students in Capstone High on the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching and learning strategies.
The students discussed the online teaching strategies they enjoyed and also presented some of their most favourite Project Based Learning assignments which they have done during their online classes. However all it was a very meaningful learning experience for all participating students , as most of them were presenting in a live Webinar for the first time.

Cap Sarvekshana

Cap Sarvekshana was an online Webinar where students of Capstone High presented their research and understanding on various socio-economic and cultural issues faced by India, through the COVID -19 crisis. The students worked in small groups to conduct research on various topics connected to COVID- 19 crisis. Some of our students researched, collected data on past pandemics and their socio - economic impact .They also compare this data with the present data available on COVID 19 (data has to be collated from official data sources). Another team of students researched on the history of development of vaccines to combat epidemics caused by different types of virus They reflected on the current progress made in the research and development of vaccines for COVID -19. There was also a project on designing the school environment / classrooms/ public area / restrooms such that the norms of social distancing, hygiene and safety can be followed. The students used Minecraft education to simulate how they want to follow the norms of social distancing in the event that the school reopens. An enthusiastic team of young learners even conducted a primary research / survey on socio- cultural effects of COVID - 19 on the future of the human race. They analysed the data collected and proudly presented in class. Last but not the least our Grade 9 and 10 students who are being introduced to the basics of economics through their social science classes presented a research project on the economic effect of COVID -19 on various industries and the economy in general in India and across the globe. They wrapped it up beautifully by reiterating what we can do as responsible citizens to extend a helping hand to those who need help in this great crisis.

Samanvitha R - Grade 8
All students of middle school participated in Cap Sarvekshana. It was a nice experience. We all were divided into groups and had to work on a project In all these topics on the socio- cultural effects of COVID - 19 on the future of the human race. We conducted a survey through Google form and collected information about how people felt these days and how they faced these situations. Our sample size was 50 participants in three different age groups 11- 16 yrs / 17-25yrs / 25yrs -40 yrs / 40yrs and above.Then we organized this data into graphical representation. Finally we presented our research through the Webinar organized by school .Through this event we learned how to communicate, collaborate and bring up our best even in virtual platform.We got an opportunity to work on a project and present for a big audience so we felt very happy and proud of ourselves.


Children's Day Celebration Online

Children's Day is celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children. It is celebrated on 14 November every year as a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Fondly known as Chacha Nehru amongst children, he advocated for children to have fulfilled education and reach their full potential. Nehru considered children as the real strength of a nation and foundation of society. At Capstone High Children’s Day is celebrated every year with much enthusiasm to show our deep love and commitment to our students.This year we have celebrated Children’s Day virtually on the 13th of November, 2020.There were fun games arranged by the teachers and also a talent show by our Teacher - Student and Parent’s, where all can came forward and showcased their various talents.

Students Reflection

Renuka - Grade 8

Children's Day celebration was a wonderful event, where we had a lot of fun. The teacher had organised many fun games and many fun activities. We also had the day off and the teacher asked us to wear our favorite dress and we could bring our favorite snack too. During this event we got an opportunity to showcase our hidden talents and also get to know about our friend's hidden talents.
The teachers also made us a special video where every teacher had wished us and it was a true blessing. We also had a fun filled game where the teacher asked us to send a baby photo of us ,then she asked everyone to identify the student in the photograph .In the end it was a very wonderful and fun event . We had a lot of fun spending time with our teacher and friends, just having fun and playing games.

Samriddhi - 6B

It was really exciting to know that we were going to celebrate Children’s Day this year too. We got a message from the teachers for the virtual celebration of children’s day on 13th November. My class teacher, Sumangala Ma’am also messaged us to send our baby pictures. I was curious about this. On that day, all students and teachers came online at the right time. Our teachers made videos in which they were wishing us a very happy Children’s Day and they also made collages which were very beautiful. Teachers sang songs , recited poems , presented short videos made by them. I liked the show.
Our class teacher Sumangala Ma’am initiated a game in which she presented the baby pictures of all students in our grade and the challenge was to identify the pictures of our classmates.

Theatre Show and Tell - Reader’s Theatre Malgudi Days by R.K Narayan

On the 29thof January 2021, the middle school students of Capstone High presented a Reader's Theatre on Malgudi Days by R.K. Narayan. They used voice modulation, expressions, and some movements to bring alive some scenes from the ageless novel of Malgudi Days. Some students also researched and created the set of Malgudi days complete with the building of Albert Mission School, the Malgudi railway, and the banks of the river Sarayu. The grade eight students wrote the script and performed a scene of how it would be if Swami and his friends had adapted to online class like they are doing now. They integrated some amusing moments from their own experience of online classes.
On the whole, it was a great learning experience for the students as they could develop key skills like confident communication, working in collaboration with team members, and critical thinking while creating their own script and set design.

Pranav Menon ( Grade 7 ) - Set for Malgudi Days ( created from recycled material at home )

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