Learning at Capstone High

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Learning at Capstone High is about academic excellence combined with ethical conscience and a passion for lifelong learning.

At Capstone High, we believe every child is unique and that a learning environment should be personalised to enhance each child’s aptitude, interests, intellectual abilities, talents, potential and emotional quotient. We follow a child-centric learning approach rather than a curriculum-centric one, allowing us to kindle a life-long desire to learn. At each level, we focus on academic growth as well as personality development.

Pre-Primary Primary Middle School Secondary
Academic Training Focus Language training by Jolly Phonics Specialised curriculum through STEAM learning Emphasis on Foundation building Emphasis on CBSE curriculum and competitive exam training
Personality Development Focus
Sports Focus eye-hand coordination, team building, motor skill training Introduction to different forms of sports Emphasis on sports training based on the student’s choice of learning Emphasis on interschool participation
Co-Curricular Focus

The teachers adopt the role of facilitators, who encourage students to think creatively and reason analytically. Lessons and assignments are planned to venture out of a pre-defined curriculum and explore subjects in real-world applications. Our classrooms are equipped with smart tools and technology aids that enable hands-on and in-depth learning.

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