Literacy Cafe

Literacy is a key competency for effective communication. In school, we encourage reading and related English Language programme that include

1. The Literacy CAFÉ
2. Reading Competition,
3. Enhancement of English Language through other subjects


CAFÉ is the acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanded vocabulary.
CAFÉ provides students with an opportunity to set reading related goals in order to understand and develop different strategies used. Elements of CAFÉ is to provide students a platform to understand, prepare, teach and support the level specific needs of the readers.
CAFÉ elements, from a students perspective, includes:

  • Comprehension – I understand what I read.
    • Connect to the story
    • Back up and re-read
  • Accuracy – I can read a variety of words.
    • Know the letters and sounds
    • Identify beginning and ending sounds
    • Trade a word that makes sense
  • Fluency – I can read with accuracy and express
    • Know many words by heart
    • Read with expression
    • Read with expression and pacing
  • Expand vocabulary – I know, find and use interesting words.
    • Be a voracious reader
    • Use interesting words in speaking and writing
    • Use dictionaries and glossaries as tools.

CAFÉ encourages Daily Reading with guided strategies to achieve the above.



Competitions are conducted twice a year with prescribed books (fiction / autobiographies / Self help, learning). Questions are set based on the books read and outcomes analysed to strengthen language acquisition.


English being the language used for most other subjects enforces the need for good english comprehension. Every subject has its vocabulary and subjects like Science, Social Studies etc are used to focus on the importance of Spellings and Sentence Construction to help students develop domain competencies.