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Experience the best 21st century child-centric teaching approach of CBSE curriculum.

Team Capstone enables, entices, encourages, mentors students to develop 21st century skills which are essential for modern students to succeed in school and in their future. Our team of experts conduct workshops, field trips, community outreach programs, curricular and co-curricular events to develop the practical know-how of the students.

We believe in creating the best learning environment under which the students will begin to flourish. Our task is to educate our students for overall development so they can face the future.

Admission Process and Requirements

On submission of the completed application form (Online or Offline) to the Admissions Office, students and parents will be invited to attend a brief informal interaction with the admission facilitators. Parents are requested to report to the campus 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

Age Eligibility Criteria (as on 1st June)
  • Daycare facility –
  • Pre K— 2 years 10 months
  • K1 – 3 years 10 months
  • K2 – 4 years 10 months
  • Grade 1– 5 years 10 months
Documents Required
  • Completed Capstone High Admission Form
  • Five passport size photographs of students and parents each
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Vaccination card or Health and Medical Certificate
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card of student and parents
  • Original Transfer Certificate
  • Original Transcripts (Report card)

Please note that the Original Transfer Certificate (together with DICE Code and Online TC number from the previous institution) should be submitted before the beginning of the Academic Session. In case the student is from non-CBSE curriculum, the TC MUST be attested by DEO/BEO.

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