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How Capstone High is Making a Difference Through Online Teaching

The global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown that followed have forced shut schools and colleges in India for over 2 months now. This, however, has not stopped educators and teachers from providing education to it’s students.

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What Will Schools Look Like During Covid (DC) & After COVID (AC)

We are seeing unprecedented and challenging times that are forcing the world to adopt new practices and new learning methods. These practices will be shaping the future of education and will be creating the ‘New Normal’.

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Yoga For Children

Thousands of years ago, people in India invented ways to exercise based on the movement of insects, animals and birds. They also thought that if human beings could imitate the shapes of bridges…

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Online Teaching & Learning

The global pandemic forced all schools and colleges across our nation to school down abruptly. This pushed thousands of students indoors, struggling to keep themselves constructively..

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Google Classroom for Capstonians

Spring 2020. It was time for all schools to get prepared for their final Term examinations of the Academic session 2019-20. Unfortunately, everyone is hit globally by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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