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Google Classroom for Capstonians

Spring 2020. It was time for all schools to get prepared for their final Term examinations of the Academic session 2019-20. Unfortunately, everyone is  hit globally by the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools across India were asked to close down following Government precautionary directives with the cancelation of exams and promoting students to next grades based on their continuous assessments and performance in FA and SA throughout the year..

At Capstone High, considering the effort that the students of G3 to G5 had put in towards their forthcoming Summative Assessment, teachers put in a bit more of their time and tried  to engage our students by sending them Revision worksheets online before exams, to make them utilise their time effectively. This made a huge difference in the learning process. This way we could prepare our students for – Online Assessment, which was conducted with the purpose of evaluating the readiness and progress of students to get into the next Grade..

The idea of Online Assessment brought a smile on the faces of students as it was something different and less stressful. They could be seen happily typing answers to the questions online and enjoying the different type of assessment, away from the usual pen paper exams in the comfort of the home environment. Moreover they seemed excited using the technology in hand.

Capstone High was able to transform and adapt the way its students can approach assessment. Online Assessment proved to be beneficial during this need of the hour and also less stressful for the students. 

This approach would not have been possible wit hout the  support of the parents who willingly participated sincerely in our decision of conducting Online Assessment.


Parents Feedback

Parent of Anushri ( Grade 3C)

Congratulations on coming up with a good way to conduct the assessment. I sat through the process and found it very good and convenient for kids. This is a wonderful initiative to keep the kids aligned with the academic year. 

Parent of Vaishnavi ( Grade 3A)

Thank you so much for introducing such innovative method. Vaishnavi felt very excited.

Parent of Rhea Menon ( Grade 3B)

It was an experience for us also. It helped me understand how much Rhea has understood and also how she thinks etc….

Parent of Aayush Tejas ( Grade 5B)
The teachers are doing a great job. Without a strong support from you and the management it could have never happened… Its a team work.



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