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How Capstone High is Making a Difference Through Online Teaching
The global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown that followed have forced shut schools and colleges in India for over 2 months now. This, however, has not stopped educators and teachers from providing education to it’s students.

In the midst of this pandemic, digital capabilities have captured the imagination of educators in India, and rightly so.

The pandemic and lockdown were combated by digital means of educational institutes, all across India. It has provided a teaching-learning platform for teachers and students alike. This means that the futuristic dream of digital/online education now has become a practical necessity.

This transition from traditional means of education to digital learning has been rather abrupt, and has arrived when India was still not fully prepared. It has taken time for both the learners and the teachers to cope with the change.

This gave room for novel methods of teaching, conducting assignments, evaluating and assessing student’s performance. One such online assessment tool is flipped classroom – a type of learning through which students are introduced to education at home and practice working through it at school. This is the reverse of the common practice of introducing education at school, then assigning homework to be completed at home.
In the wake of the lockdown, Capstone High was one of the first schools in Bangalore to embrace digital learning. Within a week of the imposition of the lockdown, Capstone High started conducting online classes through Google Classroom. We have constantly tried, and often succeeded in keeping our students from Grade I to X, active through some kind of activity.

Check out this video of class IX and X students of Capstone High answering some questions on Online Assessment Tools and Flipped Classroom.

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