How to create a better school system

If a skill keeps being overlooked by the education system, there won’t be any innovation or flow of ideas coming from these individuals and nothing will evolve.

Every year, hundreds of millions of children enroll in public, municipal Indian schools, strictly following a set-out curriculum. This is normal, as every country sets up a curriculum that each public school has to follow. However, the issue in India is not what the children are being taught, but how they are being taught.

By interviewing people who used to be taught in the schooling system here in India, I found that the Indian education system is set out in such a way that children are constantly memorizing dates, lessons, and various other pieces of text or information that they must regurgitate. There is no creative or innovative thinking involved. The fact that the Indian education system overvalues memorization over innovation and originality is its biggest limitation. Memorizing material simply isn’t going to teach children the skills they require to be successful.

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