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Visual and Performing Art

Capstone High is home to creative thinkers and confident performers. We embrace arts, as a way to understand and express the human emotions and experience.

Performance and visual arts form an integral part of the academic education at Capstone High. Students are constantly encouraged to use the power of arts, music, dance and theatre to enhance self-expression, nurture creativity and break down cultural barriers. Artistic and musical projects organised by the school are built into the curriculum. This helps us identify talented and dedicated students, who are provided with specialised training by professionals in the respective fields.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts
Visual Arts at Capstone High
  • Sketching/drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture making
Importance of Visual Arts Curriculum
  • Improves visual–spatial abilities and creativity
  • Cultural and individual awareness
  • Enhances intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, social, and physical development
  • Improves connection with environment and builds a diverse community

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts
Theatre at Capstone High
  • Acting
  • Production
  • Costume and Set design
  • Stage management and introduction to technical education
Importance of Theatre Curriculum
  • Helps build confidence, stage presence and a thirst for challenges
  • Highlights the importance of meticulous preparation, teamwork, cooperation and an open communication
  • Improves physical strength, emotional acuity, concentration and language skills
  • Fosters imagination and creativity
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