Life at Capstone

Field trips & Community Outreach

Capstonians are eager to explore the world - and we teach them to build a better, safer and compassionate one.

Field trips at Capstone High are considered to be a progression of the educational experience and are a part of the curriculum for students of all age groups. From local visits to historical places, fire station, civic offices, hospitals and more, our students interact with people from different industries and learn from hands-on experience. This opens up a world of possibilities to the young minds and helps them connect their classroom teaching to real life situations.

Capstonians are also eager to lend a helping hand to support the underprivileged and build better community relationship. Students engage in various volunteering activities throughout the year ranging from neighbourhood cleaning drives, plantation drives, clothes-collection drives for orphanages and fundraising drives for numerous causes. This fills them with a sense of purpose and responsibility to the environment and fellow human beings – few of the traits that we believe are vital for tomorrow’s world leaders.

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