Life at Capstone

Health, Safety and Security

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Every child should feel safe and secure - and we take that responsibility seriously.

At Capstone High, health, safety and security is a priority and we’ve taken great measures to ensure an environment free of illegal or harmful activities.

Safety and Security

We have strict safety and discipline codes, and this is reinforced by a team of well-trained security personnel who are on-duty round the clock. CCTV cameras installed around the campus and in all our transportation vehicles help the safety officers monitor for any suspicious activities during and after the school hours. Well-trained women security officers are dispatched on every floor. We believe in human surveillance also and our teachers are on vigilance duty throughout the day during the time students are on campus.

Physical and Mental Health

A dedicated staff and infirmary is available on campus to oversee the health and well-being of students on campus. If any student falls ill or gets hurt during school hours, they can consult the nurse, who is fully trained to conduct a thorough check-up and deliver first aid. Necessary arrangements will promptly be made based on the seriousness of the illness or injury and referred to our partner hospital.

Students are also encouraged to talk to the school counsellors to manage stress and the confusions of growing up in a competitive world. Our counsellors are part of the Capstone High staff, responsible for the mental and emotional well-being of all students, and available for consultation throughout the year.

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