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Online Teaching & Learning


Covid-19 Lockdown and Our Experience with Online Teaching & Learning
For Middle and High School students
The global pandemic forced all schools and colleges across our nation to shut down abruptly. This pushed thousands of students indoors, struggling to keep themselves constructively and gainfully engaged.
At Capstone High the question that kept bothering us was, how to reach out to our students in this trying time. ‘No school’ surely cannot mean ‘no learning’ – we knew that we had to act. It was amazing how as a team of teachers, we sat down together, brainstormed and almost overnight devised a plan to start virtual school using online platforms. Reading about other teacher’s experiences and reflections on how they are addressing similar situations and learning from their experiences also helped tremendously.
To begin with we started our online classes using Google Meet. The experience was new and extremely encouraging as the platform is completely free, where teachers could schedule their classes beforehand with the help of Google Calendar, could teach through Power Point Presentations, play videos, project pictures which enables the teacher and student to engage in meaningful discussions. For the students also it was a new and exciting experience, attendance was 100% and attention was rapt. Later we also started using the Kahoot app to design online quizzes consisting of multiple-choice questions. It helped us to assess the progress of the students and understand to what extent they have grasped the content taught online and how much more support each student needs.
Trying times always test our mettle, challenge us to adapt to new situations and rediscover ourselves. The Covid-19 global pandemic is one such situation which has forced us to rethink the way to reach out to our students. At Capstone we believe in every student and it is our responsibility to do everything that we possibly can do, such that their learning becomes strong and joyful. In order to stay committed to this pledge – we have stepped up to an online platform for learning – through a seamless collaboration between parents, teachers and students. Our classes are going very well, and all teachers at Capstone High now look forward to the time in their day when they can switch on their laptops and look at those bright, smiling faces of students, with inquiring minds eager to learn. What could be more rewarding?


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