Secondary School

Grades 6-10

The secondary school at Capstone High continues to build on our core values as we empower each student with Curiosity, Compassion and Conviction. The curriculum focuses on intra and interdisciplinary learning, which helps students prepare for board and competitive exams, simultaneously. We motivate every student to be original, set their own standards and work hard to achieve their academic goals. Within the CBSE curriculum framework, our students learn at their own pace, review their progress through continuous and periodic assessments, and plan their Individual Learning Programme with their teachers.

As students move up to higher classes, we emphasise on collaborative and cooperative learning, which also help them develop social skills. Self and peer assessments enable them to participate in discussions, helps them understand subjects in greater depth and identify their learning needs. This helps them build a lifelong commitment to learning, develop independence, nurture curiosity and kindle innovative ideas. Collaborative learning also invites parents to take an active interest in their child’s school life. This provides the students a more wholesome support system, giving them the conviction to face new challenges as they mature into thoughtful and responsible adults.

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