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Music transcends boundaries and brings people together. Our students bring the world closer. What a perfect match!

Capstone High, in partnership with Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA), a renowned music institution, strives to nurture music, musical appreciation and spread the joy of music in every student’s life. The academy’s in-campus school programme engages students right from Grade 1 in vocal and instrumental music. SMA’s programme at Capstone High is structured, progressive and age-relevant.

Trained by professional musicians, students explore variety of genres that expand their musical horizons and understanding of different cultures. Regular assessment, grading and certification enables us to measure progress and identify talented students. These students graduate to participate in advanced programmes that prepares them to deliver magnificent musical performances during school programmes and other prominent occasions.

Music at Capstone High
  • Vocal music
  • Instrumental music – Keyboard, drums, guitar
  • Music appreciation
Importance of Music Curriculum
  • Challenges students, teaches them to cope with failure and work constantly to improve themselves
  • Teaches them valuable lessons in concentration, discipline and teamwork
  • Fosters creative thinking and intellectual curiosity
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